Mohn Technology is a small but resourceful company. We develop everything we need in house, from mechanical and electronics design, to the IoT software stack optimised for low power and data usage, to the server software stack focused on data processing and visualisation. We are always working, and iterating, on new prototypes and solutions. With us you will be a part of the whole process from idea to market. Get in touch if you wish to submit an open application!


Experienced AI computer vision developer

We are looking for a skilled and dedicated computer vision specialist to add to our small and resourceful team. We provide a creative environment, competitive pay and the opportunity to work with innovative solutions with real world impact.


  1. Design and implement methods for computer vision and dataset enhancement.
  2. Collaborate closely with researchers and engineers to integrate computer vision into our technical solutions.
  3. Perform advanced data analysis and modeling.
  4. Monitor and evaluate performance and develop improvements.
  5. Contribute expertise to interdisciplinary projects and lead parts of research work.
  6. Stay updated on the latest trends and technologies in AI and machine learning.

We are looking for the following experience:

  • Masters or PhD in data science, programming, cybernetics, or a related field.
  • 5 years experience with AI computer vision and machine learning. 
  • Strong proficiency in computer vision, image processing, and dataset development.
  • Experience with programming languages like Python and frameworks such as Pytorch, Tensorflow, and OpenCV.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Excellent communication skills in both Norwegian and English.

Other relevant experience and a will to learn can make up for missing experience with the points above.

Contact us now if you are interested in working with us!