Monthly Archives: June 2023

PIT system test integration

We just installed a PIT-tag reader (Passive Integrated Transponders) in Frøyset river. Reserachers have had noise issues at this location earlier, as the antenna is very sensitive to electro magnetic interference. We have made the system compatible with our FRS portal, where the tag readings are automatically added to our database and linked to fish video data. The new antenna had no issues with noise, and testing showed that it was sensitive enough to detect the smalles PIT tags.

We also upgraded the FRS camera located at the top of the fish ladder. This location is very hard to reach, as the whole dam and fish ladder is encased in water most of the time, and servicing the camera would be very high risk.

As the weather has been dry for weeks, there is very little water in the river the camera was pretty easily accessable. The camera now has the newest hardware and our state of the art anti fouling system, something especially usefull for hard to reach locations with high growth rates.

Picture below illustrates how massive the river can grow. The photo is taken by Sigmunn Rørvik, and shows how both the dam and fish ladder is completely engulfed in water.

We are looking forwards to getting more research data from this location!

Great results for our BSc students!

We have had the pleasure to work with Erling Flåm Krogsrud, Markus Tønnessen and Bjørnar Torsvik Størkersen from HVL this semester. The students have worked on analysing and optimising a new hydrodynamic configuration of our Sentinel Inspection Drone.

The students have worked from our office one day per week, and have had hands-on experience with testing equipment in our workshop and in the sea right outside our office. The project included both CFD (computational fluid dynamics) and FEA (finite element analysis) simulations. We have been very pleased with their effort, and the project resulted in top grades, with an A.

We wish them best of luck with their upcoming masters degree studies at NTNU!