Monthly Archives: December 2022

FRS camera in the Bergen Aquarium Lobster tank

Researchers at NORCE are testing a new accoustic tracker with integrated IMU (Inertial measurement unit) in the lobster habitat of the Bergen Aquarium. The researchers want to compare the behaviour registered at the IMU with video of the lobster, to see how the different accelerations etc compares to actual movement of the lobster.

 NORCE asked us if we could help them with the surveillence part of the project, and within about two hours we had mounted one of our FRS cameras in the tank.

In the photo below, Håkon Norstrand (Bergen Aquarium) and Saron Berhe (NORCE) is testing different camera positions in the lobster tank.

If you are visitin the Bergen Aquarium within the next weeks, look to the left in the lobster tank to see the camera. Ps. due to internal reflection of the window, the camera cant see out of the tank through the window. This was also a requirement from Bergen Aquarium due to privacy concerns.

Video recorded from the tank below: